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Marion Lake

Cozy Cove is the only Resort on crystal clear Marion Lake which is a 1660 acre spring fed, gravel bottom lake. Marion Lake is the perfect size and depth, and has all types of fish friendly weeds and cover resulting in excellent fishing throughout the summer. It is also ideal for other recreational pursuits such as swimming and water skiing. In 2010 Marion Lake was voted the cleanest lake in Minnesota.

Marion Lake is divided into two parts by a land point and rock bar with a passage across the rock bar for boating from one part to the other. The advantage of Marion Lake is that it is clear, has weeds, is deep and yet it is small. The 1660 acres are divided with a pass thru. Small Marion is approximately 650 acres. You can still fish on a windy day. You never get blown off and lose vacation days. In addition, all four shorelines hold fish. The entire lake is accessible from Cozy Cove. The west part of the lake, where we are located, has large flats, points and underwater islands with depths of twelve to fifteen feet and a maximum depth of forty feet. The east end of the lake has the same type of structure with the addition of many sharp drops from fifteen to thirty feet and a maximum depth of seventy feet.

Due to the cooler water, Marion Lake produces better catches of Northerns, stocked Walleyes, Bass and Crappie with great Bluegill fishing from the docks later in the season than other local lakes.

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