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Why stay at Cozy Cove Resort? Because it is located on the shore of Marion Lake. Why do I want to be on Marion Lake? Excellent Fishing. Rain or shine. Windy or calm.

Walleye - The MN DNR survey rates Walleye fishing in the upper limit. The lake is stocked every other year or two out of every three years.

Northern - We have good Northern Pike fishing all summer. The larger fish are more plentiful in August and September.

How Jason measures bass

Bass - DNR uses the description "Abundant." I would rate it excellent to wonderful. The lake has size and numbers. Fish for opening through June and catch and release 100 per day.

Crappie - Last year was another fabulous year. Crappies, because of the cold, spring-fed water, bite all summer.

Bluegills - Lake Marion is loaded with Bluegills. It is heaven for the fly rodder, the grandkids and everyone in between.

A recorder for walleye and crappie, a troll motor for northern and bass, and a great pair of sunglasses for bluegill and you are in business.

We don't allow overlimit fishing. Catch, kill and hide doesn't cut it.

We like to eat fish. Enjoy some fish fries while you are here and take some home to eat until your next visit.

A growing number of our Resorters and I practice catch and release. We keep the 1-2lb Walleye or Bass and throw back the 4+ pounders to spawn next year. Trust me, it makes you feel good.

Cozy Cove Resort - 38811 Cozy Cove Road, Dent, MN 56528 - Phone: (218) 758-2431 or (800) 964-6216